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Spanda, the primordial pulse, the divine throb.

Heartbeat of our existence, resonance of our universe.

You are the divine expression of the love that we are.

the thrill of our existence, the sacred tremor of our heart.

Art of Spanda™

 Art of Spanda™ offers transformational processes using (psychosomatic) sound therapy, breathwork and coaching for individuals and produces soundscapes for professionals and corporations.

'Art of Spanda™ Soundscapes' are aural environments designed for you or your business, using binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones, harmonics, solfeggio, ambience sounds, vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments and more, to increase productivity, focus and flow on your corporation's work floor, to create relaxing atmospheres in hospital chambers, retirement homes, wellness centres or meditation centres, that reduce anxiety and stress. Or to create an immersive experience complementing exhibitions in Art Galleries. 
Furthermore we offer collaborations with retreats who want to enrich the experience for their customers with tailor made soundscapes.

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