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Art of Spanda™ Journey

Your truly individual Art of Spanda™ experience.
Listen to, see and feel your own energy field in a 
wholesome artistic embrace of sound and light.

A sound bath with dynamic visualisations of unique geometric patterns, created by the therapeutic instruments and your own voice.

AdobeStock_345410936 - Copy.jpeg

Geometric patterns, colours and sound are closely related. This experience will give you the opportunity to feel, hear and see a sound bath with a dynamic light show of the geometric patterns of these specific frequencies, also known as mandalas, that are the visual geometric representation of the sound that is produced with the influence of your own energy field and sounds you make intuitively with your own voice.


These experiences are different for everyone and are unique for you because you can use your own voice to make it even more personal and profound. After the experience, I will make a unique painting of the geometric figure that is uniquely yours with paint infused with specific energetic frequencies and colours that will have healing properties for you and you can use this in your meditations or just as a nice piece of art.

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