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Our Services

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Spanda Arts offers a broad spectrum of services to different individuals and professional sectors.

What We

Coaching (online/offline)

Both Ingmar and Marija are experienced in both online and real life coaching and helping people forward on their professional or private path towards happiness and wellness and are designed to be unconfrontational and accepting of the client’s own way of experiencing the world. The use of specific sound frequencies, binaural beats, hemisphere synchronisation and more enables clients to attain goals they previously considered unreachable. Clients not only learn to accept and navigate their inner emotions but also gain the resilience to embrace necessary (organizational) changes. 

Psychosonic TherapyTM

Many of our behaviours and repeating patterns are subconscious. Drawing from Sound Therapy, ACT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, we developed a modern and subtle therapy, respecting the individuality of the patient and employing neurolinguistic guidance and awareness expanding sounds and rhythms that are specially tailored to access the unconscious mind by engaging the conscious mind with sound, subtle and respectful use of body language, stories, and metaphors. This method aims to tap into the subconscious mind’s potential in a way that is personalized to the client’s situation.

Online Programs & Courses

We offer online home courses and programs that you can do in your own time and that are transformative and focussed around specific themes like health, wealth, relationship and manifesting.

Physiosonic TherapyTM (offline)

Together with Physiotherapists and drawing from Sound therapy, Naturopathy and Human Movement science, we developed protocols using sound, neuro-linguistic guidance and touch, leading to relaxation, reduction of pain and other symptoms related to stress, trauma and psychological causes. We use sound forks and acupuncture points on the body to clear blockages and direct energy to where it is needed in the body. Tibetan bowls are used to send vibration directly into deep tissues of the body which has an immediate deep relaxing effect.
Other instruments and toning are used with specific harmonic intervals  that have anti inflammatory effects and activate  the parasympathetic nervous system. These healing protocols are offered in the physical practice in Ljubljana.

Transformative Soundscapes (online)

The Art of Spanda is rooted in sound therapy. We offer immersive soundscapes that use specific sound frequencies, binaural beats, hemisphere synchronisation and more, either as pure sounds or embedded in beautiful soundscapes and musical compositions. These can accompany either meditations or neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotic journeys and offer beautiful experiences of altered awareness similar to deep meditation and hypnotic or psychedelic trances. Contact us and ask for your personalised soundscape to get a unique experience for yourself or to offer to your own clients.

Concerts (online/offline)

We love music and love performing at concerts. Ingmar has a musical background, plays several instruments and is a trained singer and composes his own songs. Marija has an extensive experience in performing sound healing concerts she organised internationally. We perform mantra concerts where everyone can join in singing or we give relaxing easy listening performances in your living room with friends and family or larger scale concerts at your professional venue. We work on and off with other professional musicians.


"Ingmar has the ability to integrate new sciences and deep personal wisdom into our reality, a combination I truly admire.

A great guy to work with!" 

Karsten Bezooijen, The Netherlands

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