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About Ingmar

Ingmar is the founder of Art of Spanda™  

He is a musician, transformational coach, breath worker and sound therapist working with individual clients as well as with professionals.
He accompanies individuals in becoming better versions of themselves resolving past trauma and present stress through addressing and integrating what Carl Jung called 'the Shadow Self'. Furthermore Ingmar designs original soundscapes that have healing and transformational qualities and that have the unique ability to entrain our brainwaves. 
Ingmar also performs live, giving people transcendent experiences using the power of sound, harmonics, entrainment and resonance and original tracks that he wrote.

In the past Ingmar worked as a naturopath, reiki master, martial arts teacher. He was a consultant in the field of organisational change where he coached and trained upper management teams of large organisations. He co-designed an ambitious community driven project to eradicate malaria in Rwanda, where he worked with local communities, universities and the government. He is co-author of several scientific publications that resulted from this project. 
He was also involved as community host in the network of Impact Hub Amsterdam where he connected and coached social entrepreneurs who were working towards a sustainable society and economy.  
Ingmar works internationally in France, Slovenia and the Netherlands. 

About Marija

Marija has co-founded Art of Spanda and she co-creates and consults most of activities that Ingmar offers to individual clients and groups.

She works in the field of art and has a PhD in art history. Her approach is focused on sustainable management of institutions, empowerment trough artistic processes, self-developing education, creative leadership and community building.

Between 2008 and 2015 she was running her own business for cultural events and education.

With individual treatments, coaching, teaching and organising seminars, workshops and retreats, working with humanitarian children organisations implementing sound healing and performing in sound concerts, she experienced the healing power of sound on several levels. That belief and urge to reconnect with her spiritual work brought her back to sound healing when her path crossed Ingmar’s and she could start working together with him.

Marija lives mainly in Slovenia, which means she is able to cooperate with Ingmar abroad on several occasions but not at all times. When they can work together, they connect with each other and their clients to create a powerful intuitive sound experience.

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