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Ingmar has a background in therapeutic work as well as organisational change facilitation and transformational/life coaching.


He studied music at a Dutch conservatory, dedicated a part of his life studying pedagogy and human movement science and ran a naturopathic practice in the Netherlands.


He was board member of two NGO's and cofounded and facilitated a large project with the purpose of eradicating malaria in Rwanda.


Because of his diverse interests and background he has worked with individual clients as well as with large organisations and government institutions.


Marija has a PhD in art history. Her passions are sustainable management of institutions, empowerment through artistic processes, self-developing education, creative leadership and community building.

Between 2008 and 2015 she was running her own business for cultural events and education.


Marija also has a therapeutic background working as a certified sound therapist, transformational/life coach and teacher & speaker at seminars, workshops and retreats.


She has experience working with humanitarian children organisations where she demonstrated the healing properties of sound and performed in sound concerts. 



"Ingmar has the ability to integrate new sciences and deep personal wisdom into our reality, a combination I truly admire.

A great guy to work with!" 

Karsten Bezooijen, The Netherlands

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