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Art of Spanda™

rt of Spanda™ brings sound healing, breathwork and therapeutic coaching together in
transformative & meditative soundscapes.

Art of spanda offers individuals transformational processes using (psychosomatic) sound therapy, breathwork and coaching and produce soundscapes for professionals and corporations.
Art of Spanda™ Soundscapes are aural environments designed for you or your business
, using binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones, harmonics, solfeggio, ambience sounds, vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments and more, to increase productivity, focus and flow on your corporation's work floor, to create relaxing atmospheres in hospital chambers, retirement homes, wellness centres or meditation centres, that reduce anxiety and stress.
Or to create an immersive experience complementing exhibitions in Art Galleries. 

Furthermore we offer collaborations with retreats who want to enrich the experience for their customers with tailor made soundscapes.

Ingmar is the founder of Art of Spanda™  
Ingmar is a musician, transformational coach, breath worker and (sound) therapist working with individual clients as well as with organisations.
He accompanies individuals in becoming better versions of themselves resolving past trauma and present stress through addressing and integrating what Carl Jung called 'the Shadow Self'. Furthermore Ingmar designs original soundscapes that have healing and transformational qualities and that have the unique ability to entrain our brainwaves. 
Ingmar also performs live, giving people transcendent experiences using the power of sound, harmonics, entrainment and resonance and original tracks that he wrote.


Marija has helped to found Art of Spanda™.


She co-creates and supports much of the activities that Ingmar offers to individual clients and groups.
Between 2008 and 2015 she ran her own enterprise for cultural events and education, which represented the Ohmpunctuur Soundhealing Academy from the Netherlands in Slovenia.
With individual treatments, teaching and organising the seminars, workshops and retreats, working with humanitarian children organisations, implementing soundhealing and performing in soundhealing concerts, she experienced the healing power of sound on several levels. 


What is Spanda

The primordial pulse, the divine throb.

The heartbeat of our existence, the resonance of our universe.

You are the divine expression of the love that we are.

the thrill of our existence, the sacred tremor of our heart.

Who do we serve?

professionals: corporate, healthcare, art & culture, wellness, spirituality

individuals: working towards wellbeing, health & releasing trauma & stress

retreat centres, yoga and meditation schools and academies

conscious & Spiritual Festivals

organisers of retreats and spiritual journeys

transformational & spiritual video makers who need accompanying music

What others say

"Ingmar has the ability to integrate new sciences and deep personal wisdom into our reality, a combination I truly admire.

A great guy to work with!" 

Karsten Bezooijen, The Netherlands

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.”

Yung Pueblo

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