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Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
Carl G. Jung


Using the Art of Spanda coaching approach  empowers you to overcome subconscious programming that get in the way of reaching your goals and living your purpose. Our method seamlessly fits within the rising philosophical framework of analytical idealism and more classical non dual philosophies which ideas are more and more backed by recent findings in quantum physics and neurophysiology. 

Our method applies practical self development techniques from these philosophical frameworks and borrows from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and embeds it within sound therapy. The addition of specific sound frequencies, binaural beats, hemisphere synchronisation, and more, enables you to attain goals you previously considered unreachable.

You're no longer a victim of repeated unwanted patterns or disempowering behaviours. No fear, limiting belief or trauma can hold you back and you are being handed the power to bend your mind and move through life with clarity, power, and intent. This allows you to be whole, master yourself, and grow into the person you envision in absolute freedom. In short, love, happiness, and good health.

Schedule a free call HERE to find out which Art of Spanda™ coaching offer is right for you.

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