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Journey Into Your Subconscious

Find out whatever it is that limits you to live your fullest potential and transform it to become the best version of yourself.  



for a limited time

Offered to you by
Ingmar Nieuwold
founder at Art of Spanda™.

Embark on a 30 minute Journey into your subconscious
with Ingmar Nieuwold.

Experience this powerful Guided Journey into your inner world and step into your power to become the best version of yourself. 

In this journey you will experience

Guided Focus

You will be accompanied on this Journey by Ingmar's voice, cheering you on, pushing you gently when needed and giving you comfort when appropriate so you will tap into the best version of yourself.

Sound Therapy

Listen to the Schumann Resonance, the C-major perfect fifth and experience binaural beats, hemisphere synchronisation and beautifully appropriate music that takes you deep into relaxation, a light trance and into the inner realm of your subconscious mind.

Deep Breathing

Through Deep Breathing you will change the chemical balance inside your body bringing you into a Theta state similar to Hypnosis. You will use this state to access your subconscious and give rise to your inner power.

What You Can Expect

A testimonial by David Fox, Transformational coach, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom Traditions.
Founder at Uma Maheshwar Yoga & Ayurveda.



This meditation was such a beautiful, yet powerful experience.

I have never tried shadow work meditation using music before. I almost quit the first 5 minutes because my body was like "no thanks" but I kept moving forward. My Kundalini energy kicked in and my whole body was on fire and vibrating. I saw a static screen for a bit and then it disappeared. I then saw a crow or a raven. After that I saw a man with long dark hair. I laughed like a mad man. And during the release part, I just cried.
I could feel some of my shadows lift out and away. I went to sleep a few hours later and slept almost 8 hours without any interruption. I haven't slept like that in weeks...maybe months.





What an intensely beautiful and healing breathwork & sound experience!!

Breathwork has been one of my main practices over the past decade - I’ve experienced many different facilitators and diverse techniques.

The combination of this breathwork technique- with binaural beats, a sound effect that felt akin to my experience of EMDR, and his powerful instructions & affirmations made this experience phenomenal!
I had primal sounds coming from my voice that I’ve never heard before. My body shook and perspired profusely. I felt light afterward, like a weight had been taken from me.

I’ve shared the link with all of my friends - and everyone who has taken the time to listen has been completely blown away. I can’t wait to see what else Ingmar has in store for us!

A testimonial by Terri DeVore, Digital Content Creator at The River of Potential.



I just completed Ingmar's Journey last night. To cut to the chase, I think everyone should try this.

I really am having a hard time finding words to wrap around the experience. As he says in the intro, there was some physical intensity, and my body began to vibrate, which I was familiar with from doing some other intense breath techniques, but I think it is important to push through if you can to maximize the result, it is worth it! At the end/release, I dont know what to say. In the black of my closed eyes a giant eye showed itself, down to the detail of the intricate lines in the Iris and just gazed down at me, with throbbing patterns of color around it. I started sobbing, and I do not know why or what exactly I was letting out, but clearly it was something, I have no idea from where it came. Perhaps I was not meant to. I plan on doing it again to see what else it might show me.

I highly suggest getting with Ingmar and going through this session, its a fast 30 minutes and the payoff is just.. beyond words. Push through and go deep, breath deep, Ingmar has your back!

His work is at the forefront of the next breakthrough in medicine and he is indeed a pioneer and a master of his craft.

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I am a licensed mental health therapist. I consider myself a generalist, but my area of focus and enjoyment is surrounding trauma work. Now with clients holding deep somatic sensations, I primarily utilize techniques of body centered psychotherapies with an integrated approach for targeting and processing stored sensations within the body. I have utilized many techniques that are similar to those that you utilize, with the exception of your beautifully constructed healing art of sound and binaural beats. 


And even through all of these approaches I have attempted myself, some elements remained stored within my body. I was unable, or my body simply was not ready to release at that time. I believe much of the remaining storage of "lead" was establishing barriers or blockage within. You helped my body to release much of whatever was still taking hold of me. 


Looking back to the experience itself; bravo and praise to you! Amazing work! Through that build up, through the hand circuitry placement of stabilizing, breathing techniques, guided meditation, and various sound frequencies, a release larger than myself occurred. Today, I feel as the remaining pockets of “lead” have dissipated, much of that "extra weight" is absent. Thank you for allowing me access to your beautiful method of healing, The Art of Spanda! Gratitude! 



My deepest desire has always been to know who or what it is that I am.
After an intense and unexpected spiritual experience and devoting myself completely to truth, I have spent years in total bliss, regardless of any circumstance.

Then I found myself slowly coming back down again into the mud and nitty gritty of daily life, repeating the same patterns as before. In order to come into full bloom, to really live and embody my deepest knowing… it became clear to me that something needed to happen. Right at that point I came into contact with Ingmar, and he sent me the guided journey.


The guided journey has helped me where I didn’t even know I needed help. The combination of soundscapes, guidance and breathwork opened me up to shine light on deeply engrained beliefs I didn’t even know were there. The deep seeing I have had during my intens spiritual search is sinking into the heart now. And it is still continuing to unfold. Meeting my shadows seemed like the most daunting thing to do, and still does sometimes. But I am so grateful that I can muster up the courage to do it.

Ingmar is very skilful with the sword of truth and has helped me every step of the way.

Thank you Ingmar.

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Are you ready for the deep dive into your subconscious?

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