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Ignorance is bliss.

Your spiritual knowledge can become a curse.

When you learn more about the nature of reality and start seeing through the veils of illusion, knowledge can be perceived as counterproductive to the awakened life.

Many people who went through, what they call a, ‘spiritual awakenening’ say that this newly acquired knowledge, in many ways, made their lives more difficult.

Relationships change and people might disappear from life due to ‘lack of resonance’.

And in general, the awakened one doesn’t feel like ‘they fit in’ anymore.

But at a certain point, you will have to realise that the way you perceive the world is a reflection of your inner state of being.

It becomes apparent then, that we can turn inward and affect, or bend, our own subconscious mind which directly results in a change of the ‘outside world’.

To put it correctly, it changes our conscious perception of the ‘apparent’ physical world which is a manifestation of mind at large (which is mostly subconscious).

The world as we perceive it is in direct relation to what beliefs we hold inside ourselves.

We then have the choice to ‘manifest’ a different reality by bending our own minds.

Reality is all mind or consciousness as you please, there is no physicality.

This is the highest realisation.

Neuroscience and quantum physics start to point at this truth with more and more conviction and proof.

Master your mind and you master ‘the world’.

A world controlling you equals not having control over your own mind and thoughts.

This is why I do the work I do.

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