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The Elixir Of Life

a mystically illuminating guided meditation designed to take you to the heart of freedom and empower you with a deep recognition of the light of Source and an abiding awareness of your limitless potential.

Not that long ago I was approached by wisdom traditions teacher and yogi, David Fox, to create music for him to accompany his meditations.

David's integrity and wisdom made me agree immediately to his proposal and of course because I resonate deeply with the Truth in his teachings.

I already wanted to use resonance, entrainment, harmonics and the power of overtones in music and it's profound effect on our health and state of awareness in guided meditations, I was planning to make, myself. David came at the perfect time with his project (synchronicity?).

You see, it's one thing for the spoken word to lead us into the realms of our subconscious, but accompanying the word with the power of resonance, with the magic of the perfect fifth and principles of binaural frequencies and the journeying power of overtones makes this a truly powerful combination.

Have a look at his page (click image) where the first meditation is published and where you can listen to a sample.

(You can find more about David at the friends section at the bottom of this site next to the LinkedIn button. ) Love Ingmar

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